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July 4, 2013

Google Glass(es) #googleglass

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It was 1984, and the first "Google Glass" appears on an Alien! (The Last Starfighter)

It was 1984, and the first “Google Glass” appears on an Alien! (The Last Starfighter)

I had the opportunity to travel with Karen to Venice (California) to get her fitted with the latest in style and technology… GOOGLE GLASS. As Karen was visiting with us, it was a short 3.5 hour trip and it was fun to see the goings on at one of Googles ‘campuses.’

June 6, 2011

Kristin, Welcome to the world of blogging!

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Kristin has joined the family in blogging! Click on the picture to see what she is up to!

Kristin has started a blog to share her interests. Some of her hobbies go from the tame: sky diving and scuba diving… others are exciting ( to me) like cooking and recipe development!

The goal of blogging is to have fun and to share with family, friends and interested parties what means something to you.

Have fun, Kristin!


December 2, 2010

dumping the local newspaper

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dumping the local newspaper

I made a rather crude graph, but it does make a startling comparison between the growth statistics in the U.S. population and the falling circulation rates of our nation’s newspapers. There may be some logical reasons that might explain some of the discrepancy, but if I were guessing, I would say than many local newspapers have worked overtime to lose a great many of their core users…. and attracted few if any young subscribers. Newspaper circulation today is little more than it was in 1940…. what does that tell you?

To be frank, maybe I felt sorry for their pointy heads and kept my subscription going for years… but no more. Our subscription runs out soon… and it’s already not missed.

So, what goes in it’s place on our breakfast table?  2 iPads! I just went out and bought a second one and we now have two. I have to say that although the cost of an iPad would pay for dirty-ink-on-the-fingers copies of the local rag for a number of years… this newspaper has nothing for me.  Plus, I will not miss the aggravation.

I feel more relaxed already!

November 8, 2010

‘rockmelt’ not your 20th century web browser

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the ROCKMELT browser wants to set the world on fire... CLICK to read more about this very interesting startup!

Our family — including me — loves new things that stimulate thought… and are FUN! The RockMelt browser seems like an answer to a highly fractured web with a one-stop-shop approach that seems intriguing. 

The really funny thing is that this has been publicised for 18 hours and I thought I might have beaten  Karen  out with the news… but I just checked her blog and there it is!!

October 1, 2010

a message to all voters

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a secret message for all voters

"a secret message for all voters" CLICK on the picture and see how to make your own

 I learn so much from my children. Last night as we were wishing Karen a Happy Birthday, we were discussing the many uses of what are referred to as ‘QR Codes.’ Karen had been teasing me for some time about not having a ‘QR Reader for my phone which I have just now added (it would be helpful in San Luis Obispo would get their act together and give me more than one bar on my highly taxed phone!)

CLICK HERE to make a QR Code

CLICK HERE to get a QR Reader for your phone*

* I had to contact my service to find out which company had compatable software

Karen placed QR codes on my site which seem a little less mysterious now and I can see the fun in it. So if you have a QR Reader and can read this super secret message embeded into the design above… it might amuse you. At the very least, it may make you feel more hip and even impress your friends!

Thanks, Karen, I feel more ‘hip’ now.


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