Great Wheat Bread from Big Daddy

Okay, I am really tired of these ‘artisan’ breads that crumble when you try to make a sandwich out of them. Obviously, it is the choice of what ingredients they use, but more importantly, what they tend to leave out. Health nuts tend to think eggs are bad… so they carelessly omit them.
Holy Granola! Where’s Baker-man when you need him?

So put on your Berkenstocks, tie die your ammo vest and get ready to bake some real whole wheat bread…. that you guys might even like.

What I wanted in this bread was all the favorites from the ancient grain of ‘Millet’ used by the Chinese long before the advent of rice…. add to this corn meal ( y’all love this one), whole wheat flour, wheat germ and a bunch of things that make it just fine! Oh, don’t forget all those things that make it so crunchy: Sesame Seeds, Flaxseed… and don’t worry, we got Oats!

It’s sweetened with Molasses & honey… and held together with an egg.


Made this especially for my wife, Laura…. who loves her daily turkey/cheese and stuff sandwich at lunch.

Roger Freberg