DJ doing what he does best... pointing out to the defense that they needed to guard him better... then he made his td.Well… I remember the whining… the ‘Urbanizing’ of many blogs that said that the Trojans were unworthy to face big bad Ohio State and that Michigan should get it’s chance…. BECAUSE they really deserved it.

32-18 didn’t settle the National Championship aspirations of the Trojans… but it proved that the Trojans can play with anyone… and on their day… win!


“They have a great defense,
but I think we have too many weapons. Can we get to a certain spot, or stretch the field vertically?”
— Dwayne Jarrett  


From my perspective, the Trojans had it handled easily on defense… the real question for me was whether or not the Trojan offense could get it together. The Rose Bowl made me a believer that John David Booty was coming into his own… and for the first time…  showing real leadership and calm under pressure. He stood tall in the pocket and seemingly impressed the former qb in the t.v. announcers box… and that’s not easy.

The stats didn’t say it all … because after the game was in hand, the Trojans seemed to ease back and run “student body right”… which they didn’t do previously and racked up some rushing yardage… they also let a few go by on defense that may have refelcted the lead… or too much time by the defense on the field. In any event, it wasn’t that close.

Congratulation to the Great USC football team… remember this moment, sovour this time together… it never gets any better than this.

Fight on!

Roger Freberg

PS. Now the question remains… Ohio State and Florida? This is sort of a civil war around our house… Karen is also a Florida Grad and Laura is a loyal Ohio State fan… as for me… I have already watched THE Game!

But the question remains… what would SC and Ohio State have done if they had met? … And who will Urban Meyer blame if Florida loses? Certainly, Urban is starting to crow early:

“The country wants to see the Southeast Conference champion
against a Big Ten champion.”
— Florida coach Urban Meyer
after winning the SEC Championship (


other whines:

Boisie State needs to play a real schedule
Is USC really that good?