"TURGOOSEN" --a chicken within a duck within a goose within a turkey

“TURGOOSEN” –a chicken within a duck within a goose within a turkey

For those who bake, you already know this, but we are in the throes of what is commercially referred to as ‘Baking Season.” Although commercial food product companies gear up and market this time of year, it is actually a proper reflection of what people do between September and January… we bake!

During this ‘season’, families are together more and people prepare those special occasion dishes that are reserved for only the best of times. A Thanksgiving Turkey, a Christmas Ham and a New Year’s Champagne brunch are so ingrained in some families that a lot of things will be dropped from the social calendar before any of these gatherings. I celebrate Japanese New Year with sushi, sashimi and other yummy things. I joke that sushi is my life… and homemade and fresh is best.

What I am starting to gather together are a few things I need for this season’s projects. Our daughters will be arriving in December and have requested a ‘Greek Night’… Dolmades, Tiropetes, Baklava, Honey Pie and Moussaka. Yes, there will be music and then we dance! Laura loves to bake her mushroom cookies and I will enjoy putting together this year’s Turgoosen! Jenny Craig will just have to be a little understanding.

Oh, I will be making and baking an assortment of other family favorites from  Corned Beef Pie ( the beef is ‘corning’ away as I write this) to General Washington’s great contribution to Western Civilization…. his incomparable ‘Egg Nog’. I also search and acquire cookbooks from times gone by and not always expensive ones… this time I found a 1908 cookbook by  Rumford (Clabber Girl).  You don’t have to buy an original ( I have one), but you can buy a nice copy that’ll work just nicely.

So, celebrate this season by making something wonderful for those you love!