I remade the chart above in a monochromatic style as the original set by the CDC was not very clear. One can easily see the progression in increasing obesity rates in America. I haven’t been to Mississippi since ’84, I am sure I would be surprised! There are a lot of  Disney ‘Wall-E’ people out there!

Whether the increase in obesity was brought about by an aging population, changes in our diet or additives or by other environmental influences… the time to address this issue is now…. while you are still ambulatory ( while you still can walk). Here are a few suggestions to aid in making a better and lighter life for yourself:

1) follow a plan…

Initially, follow any plan to lose weight and stick to it ( I like Jenny Craig… someone once told me that it was ‘expensive’… but I will remind them that it is a lot less expensive than blood pressure, diabetic medications and the other foo that was given to me… now, I take nothing)

2) do it with a buddy.

According to the map above, the chances are that each of us have a few chubby friends… some of them may  like to lighten up. Ask them to join you in losing weight and you can do it together. Talking to someone who understands makes it easier.

3) the secret to a great program is to ‘stroll.’

No expensive gyms, heavy exercise or memberships are needed.  You also need not ‘power walk’ as that is not sustainable and boring. I like to walk to a coffee shop every afternoon for a break… and once after dinner… that’s all you need to do…. really!

4) don’t give up the culinary treasures you enjoy.

Just upgrade your culinary treats… but have them less often. Wouldn’t you enjoy your Thanksgiving meal more if you weren’t worried about how you’d feel or look afterward? Our larger meal is lunch and we have our finest on Saturday.

So, here are a few ideas to think about… that is if you want to live a happier, more active and satisfying life… but then, who wants that?


PS. I have been there,too.