Carne Guisada in Puerto Rico is made with Cilantro that is 10 times stronger

Carne Guisada

One of my facebook friends and one of my daughter Karen’s good friends is from Puerto Rico and in their honor , I tried to produce one of their national dishes called ‘Carne Guisada.’ There is much that is unique to Puerto Rico and their cuisine. But , as is true in many lands,  much that has been gained through the fusion of the many cultures on the island. Spain, South America, Great Britain, Africa and the United States has all left an influence.

Some of the spices of the island of Puerto Rico are stronger than what many are familiar. For example, Cilantro from Puerto Rico is about 10 times more flavorful. Obviously, if you can find some , it is worth it!

Although I tried to stay true to the basic recipe, I wanted to make a slightly more extravagant version.  I started with my best ‘sofrito’, the best meat and a singularly delicious gravy crowned the meal complete. I hope you love it too.

Here is my version!

Like many ‘spicy’ recipes, I have included a way you can ‘save’ the dish if it gets away from you!

bon appetite! or “buen apetito”