lavash cracker bread

the Lavash Cracker Bread I remember

The ingredients and process for making ‘Cracker Bread’ is a very simple one; however it is finding the right moisture level in the dough product that many find challenging. I found cracker bread common place living in the east, but only a spot or two on the west coast made anything memorable.

The basic recipe:

3 cups flour ( I prefer Bread Flour )
3 tablespoons gluten
1 tablespoon or package yeast
1 cup warm water
1/4 cup ‘special’  flour (whole wheat, dark rye, or your choice)

    process of making cracker bread

    the process of making a yummy cracker bread


    1) Mix the following: 1 cup water, 1 cup ‘special’ flour, 3 tablespoons gluten, 1 tablespoon ( or package) yeast
    2) Add: 1 cup flour and mix (dough hook on my machine)
    3) Add: the rest of the flour gradually
    4) Cover dough and place into a greased bowl ( I use olive oil) for 1 hour to rise
    5) roll dough into a long cylinder and slice 15 pieces (and flatten slightly)  and cover and place in a warm area for 30 minutes or so
    6) roll out each section as thin as possible or reasonable
    7) Heat over to 500 degrees with cookie sheets inside
    8) place rolled out dough on cookie sheets and back 3-5 minutes or until parts of the bubbles begin to darken

      I personally love Cracker bread with a variety of spreadable cheeses or just simply with softened butter! A little wine goes well ,too! ( I enjoy a South African Pinotage)