Scallops, Shrimps with Alfredo Sauce!

Scallops, Shrimps with Alfredo Sauce!

Is this over the top? I really can’t tell!

Well, Laura loves pasta and cheese. She also adores scallops! So, what better way than to put some of her favorite food groups together for a wonderful Valentine’s meal! I am a bit tired now, so I’ll hold off posting the recipe… but let’s just say … it was wonderful! I made a special Alfredo sauce that was excellent.

This is a time not just for your special valentine … but for all the valentine’s in your life young and old. Hopefully my eldest will get something nice this weekend and my middle daughter received something today and I gave my youngest what she really wanted… chocolate!

UPDATE! Here’s a link to the recipe! enjoy!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Roger Freberg

ps. the wine wasn’t fancy, just a BV Chardonnay … but it was pefectly chilled!